Brainstorm Communications | Halifax Osteopathic Health Centre
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Halifax Osteopathic Health Centre

About This Project

Halifax Osteopathic Health Centre offers quality health and wellness services including: osteopathy, massage, acupuncture and physiotherapy.

Role: The client wanted to gain a better understanding of 1) client needs and interest in expanded services at the Centre and 2) staff and contractors and their level of satisfaction at work.

Proposed a brand review that included individual 12 one-on-one interviews with staff and contractors; and a comprehensive client survey. Provided an analysis of the results and offered recommendations to enhance the already solid relationship with all stakeholders.

Location: Halifax Nova Scotia

Responsible for: Managing the project and reporting on the findings, with recommendations.

Key achievements:

  • Very high response rate from client online survey – 43% with excellent feedback
  • Based on the recommendations, the client is adding a selection of new services and activities that will enhance the client and staff experience.