Brainstorm Communications | Nunavut Arctic College
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Nunavut Arctic College

About This Project

Nunavut Arctic College (NAC) serves the people of Nunavut with quality post-secondary education. Offering a combination of in-class, community-based and online learning at five campuses, NAC serves 25 communities throughout the region.

Role: Working with Ayaya Marketing, the agency of record based in Iqaluit, I provide a wide range of marketing, branding and communications services: completing a brand review, writing a marketing and communications plan, a one-year ad campaign, copywriting for print and video advertising, writing web stories and a student handbook among others.

Location: Serving throughout Nunavut

Key Achievements:

  • Complete redesign of advertising materials and branding to better reach its audience
  • The creation of a photo bank with professional shots taken throughout Nunavut to better reflect the geography, people, programs and the diversity of the College